Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Doesn't apply to me today.

"Your sense of right and wrong is a little riled up right now, and you probably ought to seek out an authority figure to help you set things right. A cop, a boss or a family matriarch should do the trick."

I didn't have a problem with knowing what was right and what was wrong. 

We got new monitors at work.  They are very nice and big.  We got the 23 inch models - wider but squatty.  A few aren't so sure about them, but I am loving it.  I'm used to that style with my laptop.

Yesterday was Mother's birthday.  Mother, Dad and I went out for dinner at "Texas Roadhouse".  It was delicious, as usual.  Our server was very attentive which usually bothers me but it didn't last night.  Afterwards, I went to Mother & Dad's and we had cake that I made.  It was dark chocolate with her favorite icing.

Yesterday, I was getting ready to go to lunch and was getting my cell phone and it wasn't in my purse.  I figured it was at home on the table still, but I found it in the truck when I was heading home.  Glad it had fallen out of my purse in the truck and not outside.  I had missed a call and had a message.  I didn't recognize the number but it turns out the call was from American Home Shield in regards to my letter requesting reimbursement for the service the denied.  When I got home, there was a message on my home phone also from them.  I called them this morning after I got to work, but the woman wasn't there so I left a message and she never called me back today.  I'm sure they are going to tell me that my 'request' was denied.  And then I will go to the State's Attorney's office and also the Better Business Bureau and file complaints.  It's their choice.  :)


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