Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Haven't received my horoscope for today but wanted to get something off my chest.

Here we are in the biggest storm system for a while. It started Monday afternoon with sleet and freezing rain. All day today it has continued with some snow, freezing rain and lots and lots of sleet. When I finally got home, I probably have close to 6 inches of sleet/ice pellets on the driveway.

The storm is still raging right now. The winds have picked up today with gusts 4o to 5o mph. Overnight, the sleet and freezing rain will change to snow and to get 10 to 16 inches on top of all this sleet and freezing rain.

Whenever it snows, my driveway tends to drift even when the winds are slow. If we get the 10 inches of snow, I will have a drift of 18 to 24 inches across the driveway.

And then today I found out that I am still expected to show for work tomorrow. HUH? Naturally, the University never closes down when students are present but when the weather gets like this, only employees in classifications considered as essential are expected to work, But today, the director said that our office must be manned so we are expected to come to work. Great, I guess he doesn't care about the lives of his employees. The governor has declared a 'state of emergency' and that we are to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary. I told my boss that if we get the snow they are predicting then I will have trouble getting there on time since my driveway will be drifted over and it will take a long time to clean off. I don't have anyone to help.


Kathy said...

I hope that either you didn't get that much snow or that you stayed home. We didn't get much snow this time but we did get the ice. I am terrified of falling so I stayed home. Good thing I can. :)

Hope you are warm and safe from the weather.

Katie said...

Thanks Kathy! I didn't make it to work. The earliest I could have gotten there was 3 o'clock.

Glad you stayed safe.

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