Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Snow

Saturday was a crappy day.  Awoke to more snow.  We were only to get a dusting but it turns out that the local news said we got around 6 inches.  And more snow on Sunday and Monday.  UGH!

Mother worked this morning and I said I would pick her up.  I had to drop off some stuff at my parents on my way.  When I got to my parents Dad was outside cleaning off the driveway with the blower.  I didn't stay long since I was running a little late getting Mother.  When I backed out of the driveway, I got stuck in the snow in the cul-de-sac.  I got so mad with Dad and two neighbors just standing there watching me and not giving me a little help.  I finally was able to get traction and headed to get Mother.  The roads were terrible, plows had not hit many streets and not many of the major streets.

When I got to the store, one of mother's coworkers asked how the roads were and I just said "shitty", which was the truth.  We left there and decided to stop for a little lunch at Steak 'n Shake, which I am beginning to think is a mistake.  We always have trouble with service.  In the area we sat, we were the first to sit and order.  Everyone around us got their food first.  And when we finally got our food, the fries were horrid, they tasted like they had been sitting around for a long time and were cold.  The manager came by and we complained, she brought us fresh fries right out of the fryer.

When we left, I was stuck...again.  I tried and tried for about 20 minutes.  I had Mother get behind the wheel while I pushed, but still no luck.  Luckily, a guy came along and he helped.  And then two more guys came along.  FINALLY, we were free.  I did go to Lowe's and bought four sand tubes for more weight (60 lbs each).

When I dropped off Mother and was taking her stuff out of the truck, Dad asked if I was feeling okay, I told him that I was just pissy and it was a crappy day.  When I wasn't around for a moment, I'm wondering if Mother said something about this morning because he asked about it and I told him that I was stuck and three guys just stood around watching.  He said that he didn't think I was stuck since the one tire he could see wasn't spinning.  He figured that I was fiddling with the radio or something.  HUH?  Fiddling with the radio for five minutes?  Whatever!

I should have just stayed home and stayed in bed.

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