Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Still have a furnace that is not working properly.

"Your new gadget brings even more joy today. If you haven't given in, now is the time to buy that techno-toy and join the 21st century. You can get ahead of the curve if you keep going at this rate!"

I do have a new toy, but it's now two months old. And I'm wanting a few more new techno-toys, but it's the money issue right now. I would love to have an iPod and also a new smart-phone. The iPod will have to wait for a while. And with the new phone it will be when my current cell phone package is expiring. Just not sure which phone I want. I'm partial to Nokia brand, but they don't have one with a full keyboard that is offered by AT&T. I've thought about a Blackberry, but some friends have soured me on them and then I've been thinking about an iPhone, but not sure if I want the iPhone 3 or 4. A friend is not enthusiastic about the new 4, she has the 3 and loves it.

Did not hear from the furnace guy today. I was hoping that he would have called today to set an appointment time, but nope, no word from him. My experience from the past with AHS and getting service calls, they don't notify the contractors in a timely fashion and then they don't contact me in a timely fashion. When I was asked what number they wanted me to be contacted at, I gave them my cell phone so I could get the call at any time, but in the past they didn't give the contractor the correct number, so about 5 times during the day, I would call home and check my messages, but no message from the contractor. Before I left work, I called the contractor and after a few rings, someone answered but hung up immediately. I called again and this time got voicemail and left a message asking them to call me back. But so far, no one has called me. And it's really pissing me off.

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