Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The day started horribly and ended great!

"Your powers of intuition are making themselves known today, so see if you can get them to help you deal with whatever has been bugging you recently -- romance, work problems, where you left you car keys!"

Yes and no, maybe. The furnace was still not working properly and after two days of not hearing from the furnace company that was assigned, I called American Home Shield to complain. The AHS rep called the furnace company and they said they never got the work order. When she asked what was wrong with my furnace, she informed me that the problem is not covered because the furnace is still heating. I was furious with her. I then said "so I have to wait until the furnace overheats and burns my house down before it's covered?"! She didn't answer except to ask if I wanted to cancel the work order. I then called Jesse Heating & Air-conditioning and they had time available for 1 to 2 pm this afternoon.

I am filing a complaint with AHS and sending them a bill and asking for cancellation of my contract with them and requesting a three year refund. I pay over $500 a year for their service and in those three years, I have filed two service requests and both have been denied. My next step is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the State's Attorney's office.

My usual technician from Jesse Heating & Air came. When I saw the van pull in the driveway, I opened the front door and when he saw me, he waved just like we were old friends. He came in and without hearing the noise, he knew exactly what was wrong. He showed me that it was the blower wheel. He took it apart and then took off with the blower wheel for the store to get a new one. He came back in about an hour with a new one and installed. He did leave a mess in the utility room. But I do love having a furnace that doesn't make a huge racket.

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