Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Another miss with my horoscope.

"You may be wildly enthusiastic about your new project or health discovery, but you ought to keep it to yourself for now. It's not that you're boring -- it's just that others are wrapped up in their own business, too."

No new project today and no health discovery. Got a little pissy with a coworker, at least not directly at her, but by her attitude. At one point this afternoon, when the phone rang, she yelled out in a nasty tone that they were all on lunch. Understand that two of them should have been on lunch (don't stay in the office) but there were others in the office that were not on lunch and she didn't have to be so nasty. She needs to watch her step since she is still on probation. She's getting a little too big for her britches and needs to be knocked down a few notches.

Went to the Illinois basketball game tonight with Linda. We had dinner at Houlihan's first. Won't go there again before a game. We were told since it was a game night that there would be a 45 minute wait for a table since we didn't have reservations. HUH? There were lots of empty tables that didn't have a "reserved" sign. The bar was packed so we couldn't find a seat there to grab a bite. A hostess came up to us saying that they just had a call canceling a two-topper. We took the table. Sitting there, a booth nearby remained empty for over an hour. We won't be making the mistake to go back there again before a game. Just not worth it especially since it's also a bit expensive.

The game was good, at least for the second half. The first half, they played crappy and couldn't make a shot. Did a lot of screaming and am surprised that I still have my voice. A few times it felt like my larynx was about to burst. I calmed down on the screaming.

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