Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today's Horoscope didn't ring true again.

"Tap into your creative energy today -- it could save the day! You need to be able to come up with alternatives to the weird plans and solutions your friends or coworkers are proposing -- and quickly!"

Creative energy? If you call trying to stay warm as 'creative energy', then yes. lol. No weird plans or solutions by friends or coworkers today.

It is so blasted cold here. I really doubt if the temps got to 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) today, it may have, but sure didn't feel like it.

Called the dentist first thing this morning to get in to have the crown/cap that came out Friday night recemented. Didn't get to see my dentist since he went out of town for the weekend and due to weather wasn't able to get back in town. I don't know why someone couldn't make it back to town with winds gusting over 50 mph and blowing snow?! I saw another dentist but wasn't thrilled with him.

Busy at work trying to get things done, but didn't make it completely, but did make a small dent in it. I thought about staying late but didn't feel like it since it was so blasted cold out and having to walk as far as I do.

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