Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunrise and a Wedding; and Goodbye

Saturday, June 12, 2010

This was a day for catching up on things. Awoke before sunrise and caught a beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean.

This is just as the sun peaked over the horizon.

And a little later after the sun was completely above the horizon and caught a few pelicans.

Today was a day for laundry. We headed for the only laundromat. It was HOT. They don't have any air-conditioning and the fans don't do anything, not even move the air around. But we got laundry done and then did a little shopping. It was about the only day we did any shopping. Didn't buy that much.

We had to get back to the motel before 6 o'clock for the wedding. There was a wedding on the beach. The wedding party was staying at the motel and they had taken it over, which I wasn't happy about. They need to be considerate of the other guests. When we got back to the motel, the parking lot was practically full of wedding guests that were not staying at the motel. They should have parked in other areas and not in the motel lot. The wedding was practically outside our room on the beach.

After the wedding party had departed for the reception (glad it wasn't there), I headed down to the ocean with the camera. Took a few photos.

For dinner, we ordered pizza from American Pie and Ice Cream, which is owned by the Miller family. It's New York style pizza and delicious.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Such a depressing day. We have to leave. I do not know where the week went. It only seemed like we had just gotten there a few days before and not a week before.

This is the front of our room. It's not fancy, but wonderful. We have the end room with a great view of the beach.

This photo was taken standing in the doorway looking out to the ocean. It's just a few steps from the door to the beach. Our new neighbors that moved in on Saturday brought the umbrella.

We loaded up the vehicles and headed out. We headed to Western North Carolina to the Blue Ridge Parkway. When we got around Winston-Salem, we hit a terrible thunderstorm. We could hardly see where we were going. Traffic slowed down to 45 mph in a 70 mph speed zone. We stopped at a rest area to wait out some of the storm but the facilities were closed for repairs. The signs did not indicate that. We got back on the road and got into another terrible storm. We saw the remnants in the clouds of either a tornado or a funnel cloud. At one point, I did think I heard a tornado siren. We finally got out of the storm and made it to our destination for the night - Morganton, NC.

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Kathy said...

I have loved all the photos of your wonderful but too short vacation. The Outer Banks is such a wonderful place. I was there last summer. And hopefully will get back there again.

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