Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This morning was cloudy and it sprinkled a little.

I love this photo with the sun shining down through a break in the clouds. Makes me feel that heaven is shining down on us.

The plan for the day was to play mini-golf, but after we had breakfast at the Ship's Wheel, it started raining. Dad wanted to take the car in to have the air-conditioner checked since the fan didn't work properly on the way here, but it was working fine so he ended up coming back without stopping at the dealership.

Mother, my brother (Lloyd), the boys and I did a little shopping. I bought the boys an athletic outfit at K-Mart and an Outer Banks t-shirt at T-Tops Superstore. We always stop at T-Tops to check out the NASCAR apparel (unfortunately, he is going to stop carrying NASCAR since it is not going over well and is losing money on it, hate to see that happen) and Outer Banks gift items and t-shirts. I bought a sweatshirt and t-shirt for myself, plus a new sunglasses (as if I needed new ones) and the t-shirts for the boys. Oh and they wanted mood rings. I told Avrey that his would always say "grumpy". lol. We had also stopped at Brew Thru for the annual t-shirts. It has been a tradition to stop and get one every year. It's a must. I love the 2010 design.

After we got back to the motel and since the rain had stopped, we decided it was time for mini-golf. Avrey had originally wanted to go to Jurassic Putt, but when he saw Lost Treasure, he wanted to go there. It had waterfalls and "caves". There was a train that took you to hole 1 and you were assigned a certain course either DIAMOND or GOLD. We got the Gold course. We had fun. Lloyd won this year. I came in third. Avrey did come in last, but he won a prize. They have a mystery hole and if you get a hole-in-one on that hole, you win a prize. Today it was Hole 4 and Avrey got a hole-in-one on it. His prize was a token for a free round on any of the Lost Treasure courses. We had a lot of fun.

After we got back from playing golf, the boys wanted to go to the pool. Papa decided he would take them. Lloyd ended up going a few minutes later. I wanted to go down to the beach and get in the ocean. Mother and I went to the ocean. We ended up taking a short walk on the beach. I decided afterwards, to go to the pool but when I got up to the room to get my towel, Avrey had already come up because he was cold. I went down and got in the pool and Arley and I played for a little while. Lloyd decided to go up since I was down there. We played for a little while and then got out to dry off some.

We had a quick bite of dinner. We were sitting out on the deck and Arley said that there was something "orange" out in the ocean. I saw it and thought it looked red. He swore that it was orange. I grabbed the binoculars and sure enough it was red and shiny. We watched it float and bob along. Lloyd noticed that it was farther down and was now almost on shore. I used the binoculars for another look and decided that it was a red heart mylar balloon. I asked the boys if anyone wanted to go for a walk. Avrey said he didn't but Arley did. Lloyd went with us. I didn't know it but Avrey had changed his mind and we were too far down the beach for him to catch us alone. We walked about 1/2 mile down and then back. We got down to the lifeguard stand which was about 3/4s of the way to Nags Head Pier. It was a lovely walk. On the way back, we ran into Avrey and Grams. I felt bad that Avrey had changed his mind and didn't get to walk with us. He didn't know Lloyd had gone with Arley and I and when he was told that Arley was in his orange shirt and I was in my yellow sweatshirt and there was someone else in "orange" (was actually faded red) that he got confused so he didn't go any further without Grams.

We enjoyed the rest of the evening on the deck. Arley and Papa did a little ghost crab hunting and he actually caught one in a bucket. The crab was safely released and was unharmed.


Alice said...

Everything is clearly just perfect so far so enjoy.

Kathy said...

Sounds like the perfect Outer Banks Day. :)

Love the photos.

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