Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Animals & History

Another beautiful morning in the Outer Banks. Sat out on the deck for a while this morning but the sun was blazing hot and couldn't stay out for long. Kept going back inside to 'cool' off. It wasn't a hot day, but the morning sun is hot.

We had breakfast at an Outer Banks tradition - Sam & Omie's. Cute place but crowded. They have great food. It is across the street from Jenette's Pier which is currently being rebuilt by the North Carolina Aquarium after it was heavily damaged by Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

We headed to Manteo on Roanoke Island to the NC Aquarium. This year, their program is all about Sharks. Avrey didn't want to go, but yesterday he announced that we were going to the aquarium today. When we get there, he didn't want to be there because he is afraid of sharks. He was in a foul mood and was so grumpy. Why did we go?! I love the section that includes the river life that has the otters, turtles, alligators and freshwater fish. The River Otters are so cute. One of them was in a grumpy mood, he/she kept hissing at another one.

"Here, let me help you."

"HELP, I'm stuck and can't get out!"

We had to hurry through things because of Avrey. And there were so many people and bratty kids all over. Sometimes, I just hate kids. lol.

When we left the aquarium, we went to the Fort Raleigh historic site. It was the first English settlement in the new world. The first Englishman was born on Roanoke Island - Virginia Dare. There is a lot of history here. This is also the site of the play "The Lost Colony" which is the story of the settlers that disappeared while the expedition's leader had returned to England and was unable to return for a few years.

This photo is the site of the earthen fort built around 1580.

After we got back, we spent some time down in the ocean. The waves were a little strong. Arley loves sitting in the surf and have the waves move him around.

After some time in the ocean, the boys wanted to go to the pool. We spent some time in the pool and played. They started fighting and arguing. It was a day for that.

We had dinner in Manteo at Big Al's Soda Fountain and Grill. It's an old-fashioned soda fountain. They have a dance floor with a disco ball, which I did not know they had. They sat us at a table right next to the dance floor. A group of kids started "dancing", but it was more of jumping and stomping and was quite irritating. Due to Avrey's health issues from when he was a toddler, he cannot tolerate certain noises and he was quite upset.

Back to the motel and enjoyed a little time on the deck. Arley did some ghost crab hunting.

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