Monday, June 7, 2010

Just Beachin' It

A beautiful day at the beach. Monday has traditionally a day at the beach. A day that we relax after the long drive here.

Overnight we had strong storms come through, but it turned into a gorgeous morning. Had some clouds, but the soon went away.

Spent a little time lounging on the deck watching and listening to the surf. Here is a taste of the view out the window.

Papa and the boys headed down to the beach. They finally convinced someone to go down. I wasn't quite ready at the time. Was enjoying lounging on the deck in the chaise lounge. After a bit, I decided to head down with one of my new beach chairs. I loved sitting down on the beach at the surf line in the chair. The boys were having lots of fun playing in the water. At one point, Arley and I were in the water when I big wave came and he was drenched and there was a "half-moon" out.

After a while, they convinced Papa to go to the pool. I wasn't ready for the pool. I'm at the beach, I want to be on the beach and not in a pool. They abandoned me and I was left all along. It was so peaceful just lounging in the chair watching the surf and listening to it.

After a while, I headed back up to the room and sat on the deck with Mother. We enjoyed a snack of crackers and cheese spread. At least this year I got a few more crackers with cheese spread than I did last year. Last year, Lloyd had sat down and ate it all and I was so mad.

Mother and I decided to head down to the pool. When I got down there, Lloyd had the boys out of the pool sitting on the deck to dry off. I got in the pool and after a while, he let them back in. I had brought some squirt balls and they had fun with them. They loved throwing them and making me chase after them in the deep end. lol. I spent more time in the pool that I had planned. The three of us got playing and having fun.

I finally made them get out and we sat on the deck for a little while to dry off before heading back to the room. Lloyd came down and got Avrey for him to take a bath. Arley and I stayed there for a while and then headed up to wait for our turns. While Arley was in the bath, a flock of "bombing" pelicans flew over and a few of them decided to drop some "bombs". The chair next to me (with my beach towel) and dad took the brunt of the attack. They were both hit. I can't believe that I came out unscathed.

Mother and I gathered a few beach towels (one was mine) and Dad's jeans and headed for the laundry room to get them washed. We then headed for the Harris Teeter grocery store to get something for dinner. We found BBQ ribs and BBQ chicken wings. They were delish.

After dinner, we enjoyed sitting on the deck enjoying the sea air and the views of the ocean. The setting sky was beautiful.

After dark, Arley and I headed down in search of ghost crabs. We found a few. We almost stepped on a few before we saw them. I couldn't believe we had gotten that close to them before the scurried off.

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Alice said...

Sounds real relaxing, like a holiday should be.

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