Sunday, November 1, 2009

Game Day #4

Today the game was at 2:30 pm. They were opening the doors 30 minutes earlier (2 hours before kickoff), so had to be at the stadium by 11 am. Didn't have to pick up Jamie since he was joining some friends that were tailgating right afterwards.

Being that it's Halloween, I decided to wear devil horns. Would loved to have work vampire teeth and have blood dripping down my chin, but didn't think it would have been to easy talk and work wearing the teeth. I think I was the only Housing/Dining employee there that wore any part of a costume. Everyone loved it. I got lots of comments. Many of the stadium employees wore some kind of hat or wig, one gal had on a tiara for a while, but noticed that she had taken it off before the gates opened.

The atmosphere with the bartenders was mixed. It was fine with a couple of them, but not so much with one. There's just a little tension between us. As Jeannie and I were heading to the bar on the north end, noticed that a table setup in the middle for a live deejay. YEAH! Love when we have the deejay.

The money delivery to the stadium was later than usual. We didn't get our money until 15 minutes before the doors opened.

The deejay was awesome. He's the same one that played a few games last year. He was doing a sound check and we started talking and I told him that I was so happy that he was there and how much fun it is when he's there. He said that he loves doing the games. He's not sure if he will be back for either of the last two games. Wish that he would. I asked if he needed anything and he said that he'd take a cola. I got it for him and didn't charge him. He's the entertainment. After he had played a few songs, Jeannie and I were talking and I wondered if he had "Bad Things" by Jace Everett from True Blood. So Jeannie headed over to the table and asked and sure enough he did. He told her that he would play it for me. He didn't play it right away. The marching band played for a while and then after a few more songs, the deejay came on mic and said "Katie, I didn't forget ya. Here's your special request." I loved it. He stopped playing right before the game started and he played again during half-time.

We got quite busy. My 'friend' came and brought someone new. And he introduced me to him as his girlfriend. I just have to chuckle when he tells people that. And as usual, his tips came to me and not the bartenders.

The bartenders did not share any tips this time. They claimed that they didn't earn enough to share with us. That is a lot of BS, since we know they received more than they claimed. I made a little of my own, but not a lot. Jeannie did decent on her own, especially from one customer who gave her a $15 tip. What is really irritating is how much we help out and the bartenders don't share bupkis. It wouldn't be so bad if all we did was just ring up the sales and take the money, but when we help out and do other things, it's only fair that they share.

My favorite bartender, Alaina, was back again, but at the other bar. Talked with her for a few minutes. Game #2 she didn't work because she had a cold and then for Game #3 she had the flu. Wish we could get her down at our bar and send the 'jerk' to the other bar. It would be so much fun working with her. Hmmm...wonder if I could get that worked out. lol. Wouldn't he just crap if that happened. lol. Oh well, only a dream.

There are no alcohol sales after the third quarter ends. And they have come to realize that and we get swamped. And we have to hurry before the drafts are disconnected in the basement.

After we were done with sales, headed to cash out in the money room. Didn't do too bad in sales, my register alone took in over $2,000. After gathering our belongings, headed out. Talked with one lady that works for Dining, really don't know her. She asked if I had fun. I told her that I did and that I love the customers, that they are so much fun. I mentioned that there were a few of the staff that I wasn't fond of and she agreed about that. lol.

Happy Halloween!!

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