Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vacation 1973

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted anything.

I received a new toy for Christmas. It's a slide and negative scanner. I am loving it. I have scanned slides from vacation 1973 to Alberta Canada. We went to Banff National Park and also Jasper National Park.

This guy was 'waving' at us.

This was a 'friend' of my brother's. He grabbed one of the horns but released before he was pulled out of the car.

We also went to the Columbia Icefield and took a tour on the snowcat snowmobile. It was so cool. Or at least I thought it was cool. When we got there, I remember a couple of guys teasing me because I was wearing a Boston Bruins sweatshirt and they said they would give me another sweatshirt if I would give them that one. I told them "no". I had received the sweatshirt from my aunt and uncle who were living in Boston at the time. I thought the snowmobile ride was cool. The roof retracted and you could stand and look out and take pictures. You could also throw your trash and cigarette butts on the floor. I remember there was a hole they drilled that was something like 1,000 feet deep.

This was a mule deer 'friend' of my mom's. She was able to pet her.

I am going to start working on 1968 soon and then after that will be 1969. I think there is also 1971 in slides.

I need to find the pictures and negatives from later years that were not slides.

After scanning these, I am putting them on CD's and DVD's for the family.

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Alice said...

Goodness YES Katie!! I thought you dissapeared of the face of the earth or that somehow I lost your blog. It was so weird to receive your comment yesterday and then find that you posted. What fun to take a trip down memory lane. Looking forward to many more photos.

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