Saturday, October 3, 2009

Game Day #2

It's the second home football game of the season and that means, it's time to work again. Since the first game a few weeks ago, there has been some discussion regarding the tip situation and sharing with the cashiers. There was a bartender meeting and it was 'highly suggested' that they share the tips with us cashiers, but it was up to their discretion on how much to share. One of the bartenders said it was only fair that they shared since we did as much as they did, the so-called head bartender at the bar said they would share but would not be an equal share. Oh great! I kept my own cup for tips and I think someone dipped in and took some out, which really makes me mad.

It was a cold and drizzly day for the game, guess it was football weather. The game was to start at 2:30 and we were to be there by 11:30. Was there about 11:15. It was a long and tiring day.

We got a little busy early on this time, don't think we brought in as much as the first game, at least according to the cash sales, but the credit card sales were up for me.

Before the game started, the marching band (or at least part of the band) performed for everyone.

My regular showed up and gave me a hug. And he got his usual drink. Some of the other regulars didn't come to the game or if they did, they went to a different bar. One elderly couple came by and I gave them the wristbands and the gentleman asked how come I didn't card him and I told him that I believed that he was 22 which made him feel good and he blew me a kiss. His wife was laughing and said that she knew that was coming. One lady who comes to every game came by the bar early and asked if she could get a little water so she could take a pill. I gave her a cup of water and she said that she would be by later for a Margarita. She came by later and asked for more water and said she wasn't quite ready for the Margarita. But she did come by later for that Margarita.

A hot item that was selling was "Bailey's and Coffee", but they were a little pricey and some people were a little surprised. Another hot item was hot chocolate and a few added a little extra goodie.

The bartenders did share a little of the tips, but were very skimpy on it. Next week, things will be a little different and they won't be getting all their ones traded out for larger bills. I have to recount them when I close out the register and make out the deposit.

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