Friday, October 9, 2009

Every Year... of the boys has to get sick the last night I have them. While my parents were away on vacation, I helped with my nephews and the nights my brother worked, I kept them and took them to school. This is the third year and the third year that one of them got sick the last night I kept them. This year it was Avrey who will be 11 in a few days.

When I picked them up from school on Wednesday, I asked if they wanted to go out for dinner and they were excited. Arley wanted to go to Village Inn, but Avrey wanted to go to Jupiters. We went to Village Inn last year, so we were going to Jupiters. But I told them we were not going to be playing the games.

Before we left, Avrey was complaining about being chilly and having a headache. He said that he has been chilly all day. I didn't think much about it since he gets chilly so easily.

Jupiters has great pizzas and each of us ordered different ones. Avrey had the Hawaiian, Arley had Ham and I had the Barbecue Chicken. They loved their pizzas. We went downstairs for a minute so they could see all the games for another time when we have the time. I'm now wishing we hadn't gone down there at all. As soon as we got in my truck and I was starting it, I heard Avrey call my name from the back seat and when I turned around, he was vomitting. OH NO! I hurried home. The smell was horrid and Arley complained about it. I told him that was enough and no more. We were silent the whole way home.

I got it cleaned up, which is no easy feat for me, and cleaned up with Carpet Resolve, but that didn't take care of the smell. I took his temperature and it was 100.8. I had to run to my parents to get some medicine for him since I didn't have any.

He didn't go to school these past 2 days. Hope he's feeling better on Sunday since that is his birthday party!

The smell was terrible the next morning. It was not easy dropping Avrey at home with his dad (luckily, it's his day off) and Arley at school and then me to work and home. I had a great idea at work to use Fabreze and it has helped immensely. I sprayed and sprayed when I got home. It smelt a lot better. And even sprayed when I got home tonight just as a precaution.

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Alice said...

You could wash it down with bicarbonate of soda and then leave some dry bicarbonate on the "misfortunate" area. Its great for removing and absorbing smells.

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