Sunday, September 27, 2009


For the next few weeks, I am basically pretending to be a mother. My parents left on Saturday for vacation and will be gone almost two weeks. They usually care for my two nephews most of the time. My brother works many nights and his ex doesn't like caring for the boys, she actually doesn't have the patience for being a mother (and she has a total of 4 kids - two from previous marriages).

The one thing I hate about them staying with me is that I sleep on an air mattress on the living room floor while they sleep in my nice comfy bed. I really don't have a guest room set up right now for them to sleep.

I do not have a washer and dryer so I was at my parents' house doing laundry when my brother called to drop them off before going to work. While waiting for the dryer to finish, the three of us played a game. After the dryer finished, I unloaded and got things together to head home. I went in the bathroom and noticed that toilet was plugged. Oh great! One of them had been in there earlier and must have plugged it up. I went in search of the plunger (not sure where it was in the basement) and started working on the toilet. Thought it was undone, but it wasn't and it overflowed. I had water all over that blasted bathroom. I hate swearing in front of the boys, but in my anger, I did. Finally got the floor all cleaned up and the toilet unplugged.

Was not a fun first night with them.

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