Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Time for Corndogs, Funnel Cakes and Lemon Shake-ups

It's the time of the year for corndogs, funnel cakes, lemon shake-ups and rides and games - It's county fair time. Tuesday night, Mother and Dad were going for the evening harness races and I took Avrey and Arley for the rides and games, oh and some fair fare.

The first ride they wanted to do was the Super Slide. Last year, Avrey didn't want to go down, but this year he couldn't wait.

Both boys getting ready to go down.

Avrey going down.

Arley going down.

We played a few games and then just walked around the fairway, then decided on getting a couple lemon shake-ups and nachos. We sat down at a table and Avrey finally decided that he wanted a corndog. The stand was right by the table, so I gave him some money and he went up to order and the guy asked if he wanted the regular or large. They looked at me and I said the small. The large one was about a foot-long. We began walking again and ended up near the animals but decided not to go inside the barns. I didn't realize that you could get so close to the track during harness racing. We stood at the entrance gate for a little while and I got a few pictures.

We walked back to the fairway and I noticed that the clouds had grown darker and it looked the the forecasted rain was here.

Before we got to the fair, Avrey said he wanted to ride the bumper cars, but when we got to the fair, he decided that he didn't want to! Two years ago, he wanted to ride them, but neither were tall enough to ride by themself and I couldn't take both in the same car with me so we didn't get to ride them. Last year, Avrey all of a sudden said he didn't want to. He finally said he wanted to ride them. He was just barely tall enough but Arley was definitely not tall enough. I didn't want to leave our stuff on the ground for anyone to take. I had a tote bag with toys they won, my camera and also money. I told them that we had to go to the grandstands and leave our stuff with Grams & Papa. We stayed there for a few minutes and then headed back to the bumper cars. I should have taken some money also, but didn't think about it. When we left the grandstands it was sprinkling. We got in line for the bumper cars. The boys loved it. I thought maybe they would want to ride again, but they didn't. I think one thing that Avrey didn't like and why he didn't want to ride again was the music was waaaaaaaaaaay too loud.

When we finished with the bumper cars, Arley wanted more lemonade and reminded me that we hadn't had a funnel cake yet. Wish I had the money with me. We headed to the grandstands for the cups to get a refill and my money. He didn't want to go with me because it was raining a little harder. I told him that if he wanted the lemon shake-up or funnel cake he was going to have to help me. I wasn't able to carry all the stuff. After we got the lemon shake-up refills, he took his back to the grandstands while I went and stood in line at another stand for the funnel cake. I was practically soaked by the time I got it. It wasn't the stand I wanted to get the funnel cake, but it was the one nearest the grandstands. But it was delicious.

Until 2007, I hadn't been to the fair in nearly 30 years. Probably not since I was about 11 or 12. Just wish I could get someone to go on the Tilt-a-Whirl with me.

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Alice said...

What fun Katie!! Makes me want to be a child again.

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