Monday, July 20, 2009

Some Wildflowers

When I got home from work today, I grabbed the camera and took a few photos of some flowers.

One patch of purple coneflowers.

Just yesterday, the fence behind these was covered in black (deadly) nightshade, morning glory and field bindweed. Wish the neighbors would help with the weeds on their side of the fence and in their honeysuckle bushes and maybe we can get them under control.
Loved this shot with the bumblebee on the coneflower framed by the other flowers. The bumblebees were thick. I had about 20 of them flying around the flowers, plus one honeybee. Two years ago, I had a red admiral butterfly on the coneflowers, but haven't seen one since. :(

My blanketflowers (gaillardia) are not doing so great this year, only a few plants left and not many blooms now.

One of a handful of black-eyed susan blooms. There are only a couple of these plants left also. The purple coneflowers do seem to be taking over, but I'm not minding since I love them.
Also the coreopsis tickseed are not blooming as much now. I guess I forgot to take a picture of them as well as the shasta daisies. The liatris blooms are about over now.

There is one hibiscus bud that is going to be open in a few days. Today it was still a tight bud and not in a place that was easy to get a photo.

I want to get another hibiscus bush but a different color, just not sure which color; and also want to plant some white coneflowers and also some that are an apricot color.

I have wild strawberries growing all over the yard. I picked the single berry yesterday and tried it last night. It was okay, not much flavor and it was quite small. Tonight I found a couple more berries but they were even smaller and didn't even pick them. There are some blooms and will keep an eye on them and check out the berries.

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Alice said...

I just love those coneflowers!! Very pretty photos Katie.

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