Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Latest...

...of the garage door opener saga.

Monday night after work, I called the garage door opener company and talked with another representative. He asked if I was by the opener. I had to move my truck out of the garage so I could get out the ladder and mess with the opener. He had me do some testing and after about 5 minutes he said that from what the indicator light was doing, the motor head was burnt out. WHAT? The motor was burnt out? He said the 'motor head', but it's still the motor. After some discussion, he ordered a new one for me at no charge to me. But I have the choice of installing myself or paying someone to install.

I called a co-worker's husband who is a licensed contractor and he said he would install for me. He said to call after it arrived and he would 'squeeze' me in. I asked on the charge and it would be $25 an hour. I told him it would probably take him 5 minutes to install while it would take me 5 hours. lol.

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Alice said...

Oh my word Katie, this is really driving you up the walls.
You need a hug.

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