Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Update

Just another update on the garage door opener saga.

On Friday, the new logic board arrived and so did the surge protector. I was so excited to finally get them so I could install.

This afternoon, I grabbed my tools and borrowed my dad's wire cutters. I first replaced the logic board. It wasn't too bad to do, but wasn't the easiest to remove and there are some wire connections and the wires are quite short and was hard to disconnect and then reconnect in such a small area, but I did it. I finally got it attached and then worked on the surge protector. The lady on the phone said that I would need about 10 feet of bell wire to connect the surge protector to the opener, but the surge protector came with the additional bell wire needed - score!! I attached the wires to the surge protector and then attached them to the opener and then plugged it in. OMG! The lights lit up, a very good sign that it was working. Then unplugged again and worked on the wall control. Got the fried one off the wall and then hooked up the new one and attached it to the wall. Plugged back in the opener and the lights on the wall control lit up. Another good sign. My dad showed up while I was working on the wall control.

It was now time to reprogram the controls which took a few minutes. I was on the ladder pushing the button on the opener while he entered the code in the wireless pad on the outside of the garage. According to the opener lights, the controls were all programmed to work.

I then reconnected the door to the opener and it was time to try it out. Pushed the button and no go, the door didn't move, just heard a click of the opener and the light came on. The light coming on was a good sign because it comes on whenever you push the button to open or close the door. Okay...that means that you had to reset the opener on where you want it to stop when it is opened and closed. Tried that but it didn't work. You push the black button to set the open position and then the purple button to set the closed position, but it didn't do anything.

I even retook the logic board off to make sure all the wire connections on the inside are connected properly. They were. I did notice one thing, when you break the sensor beam the lights on the opener do not come on like they are supposed to.

This means I have to call the opener company on Monday to find out what is wrong. I may have to find a contractor to come out and work on it. And if that is the case, I should have just bought a new opener for all that I have put in this one.

I want this stupid thing to work because I am sooooo tired of manually opening and closing the door. It is heavy and it hurts shoulder to open.

I think I'm just gonna go have a cry now. lol.

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