Monday, June 22, 2009


I talked with my insurance agent's office today and inquired on my homeowner's policy deductible and it won't do me any good to turn in a report since the cost of a new unit is less than the deductible. It was worth a shot.

I also talked with the manufacturer and the technical representative said that the Logic Board was definitely fried and the rep on Friday should have told me definitely that it was instead of making other suggestions. She said a new board would cost $92 and that it was very easy to install and all I would need to install would be a screwdriver. I decided to order one. The woman was very nice and gave me a $40 discount since the opener was only 6 months old.

Sunday night I had ordered their surge protector to prevent this from happening again.

Next weekend, I should have the opener repaired (hopefully) and I will be so glad. My garage door is wood and very heavy.

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Alice said...

Keeping my thumbs crossed that this is soon just a memory.

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