Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back In Business

My garage door opener is fixed. I do have to figure out what is going on with the battery backup to make sure that the battery was hooked up properly, but the opener functions and opens and closes the door and that is all that matters at the moment.

The representative from Chamberlain (okay, I'm now going to name the manufacturer) last Monday said that he was going to send the motor head, but when it came yesterday, it was the whole kit-and-kaboodle meaning that it was a completely new garage door opener system and not just the motor head. This is a $249 system they sent for free.

I had contacted the contractor Monday afternoon and he said that he could be there at 5 o'clock tonight. I left work 3o minutes early to be home before he got here. He brought an assistant and it was all done in about 45 minutes.

I am so happpppppppppppppyyyyyyyyy that I have a functioning garage door opener. I even played with it. Opened and closed it several times just to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. lol.

I am very satisfied with Chamberlain's customer service and all the help they provided despite that the first person I talked with didn't tell me that the logic board was fried and should be replaced. One complaint I have is how long the hold time is to talk with someone. All three calls the hold time was 15 minutes before I was able to talk with a representative.

I decided that I should keep the new logic board that I bought and decided to remove it and for some reason I was hooking up the old one to the unit. I don't know why I 'had' to hook it back up, but I did, after all, it was going in the garbage anyway. Well.......it is definitely fried now. I forgot to undo the battery backup and I plugged in one thing wrong and 'fried' the old logic board. Boy...did it every smoke and stink. The guys made a comment about the stink several times. lol. I was lucky that I didn't get a shock from the unit.

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Alice said...

Your door is up and running and now you have peace of mind. My DH can be such a pain in the...., but its handy having men around in breakdowns, especially if they are skilled. Just glad its opening and closing smoothly again and yes, I can picture you playing with it lol. That is an awful long waiting time per call and I guess its on your expense? Just think what you could have done in that time. Frustrates one does'nt it!!

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