Monday, May 18, 2009

Weeded, Planted and Mulched

On Sunday, I managed to get out and get the minimum what I needed to get done in the flower beds. Luckily, I had some help from my aunt. She came by and helped with the weeding while I planted a few new plants in the front shade flower bed. Two of the ferns I bought last year didn't make it over the winter, I replaced with another fern and a new plant (can't remember the name). And planted two New Guinea Impatiens (orange with white centers) in the planter by the front door.

Then headed to the backyard to join my aunt and first thing I did was pound in the edging that was coming up or was already out. Then started weeding also. After the weeding was done, we got out several bags of cypress mulch from the shed. She had to leave and then I finished planting the new perennials and the last three New Guinea Impatiens that I couldn't put int he planter out front. After they were done, I mulched one area to keep down on the weeds since I won't have any time before vacation to work in the flower beds. I am one happy gal to have this done.

I was one tired and achy gal this morning.

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