Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Tuesday night was not a good night and it continued into this morning. I was taking my nightly shower and I heard 'gurgling', I looked down at the drain and the water was draining fine. I figured it was probably the toilet. A minute later I noticed that the tub was no longer draining. OH GREAT. I hurried and finished my shower. After getting dressed, I got out the plunger and worked to unclog the drain. No go. Then I found some drain opener and poured lots down, but still no go. I grabbed some paper and cleaned up some water on the floor and flushed it down the toilet and it clogged up. WHAT? A little TP clogged the toilet. I plunged that also, but then noticed that the water was coming up the bathtub drain. UH OH, that ain't good. I called and talked with my dad about it and he came over to help. We worked on it for a while but didn't work. I have a home warranty service which covers this and I called them and they called in a plumber. They didn't know which plumber would accept the job so they said that I could call back in an hour to find out. After more than an hour, I called them and found out which plumber it was. I waited and then called the plumber who was a JERK. He got a little nasty with me. Yes, I understand that it's night but this is an emergency. I only have one bathroom in the house.

Early this morning, the jerk of a plumber called and said that someone would be out sometime before 8 am. Someone did show and said that I had a mainline stoppage. Great! Just get it cleared. We couldn't find the access pipe. I paid my service fee and he called in to the office with the findings which would be sent to the home warranty service for their approval. I got a call from the home service and they said it was denied because I didn't have 'ground level access'. I then called the plumber to find out what happens next and they referred me to a sewer company. The sewer company called me and said they could get it done today and they could send someone between 9:30 and 11:30 or 1:30 and 3:30. I naturally took the morning time and the service van pulled in the driveway at 9:05. Two guys got out and did some checking outside and then let me know that they would go through the roof vent to clear and got to it. One guy climbed onto the roof and the other manned the 'snake' machine. It was all done in less than 45 minutes.

The blockage was caused by tree roots in the main pipe.

I now have a bathroom that can be used. YEAH!!!!! And now I have a sparkling clean bathtub, naturally, had to clean it after all that gunk came up the drain.

I will never use that plumber again, but definitely use the sewer company (if the need ever arises again).

My apologies for the gross posting.

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Alice said...

You and I had our share of plumbing problems this week. Water supply pipe burst in one of the walls and I had water pouring from the second level through the walls down to the basement level. Had to break a wall open to get to it. Husband not around till after Easter and no water to supply the toilets now. I managed to find a tap that stopped the supply to the toilets that we could at least have water in the rest of the house. Now the toilets are flushed with watering can's!!! Life can be so much fun don't you think lol. Glad you got your bathroom back.

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