Thursday, February 26, 2009

Centenary Milestone

Today my great-aunt celebrated her 100th birthday. She lives alone in her own house in LeRoy, Illinois. She has helpers come in each day to help her with the stuff she can no longer do. I took a couple days off so we could visit her to celebrate. Mother, Dad and I drove over for a while this afternoon. Lots of people dropped by to give her birthday wishes. The cake was brought by a distant cousin and his wife of my mother. He's okay, but I'm not 'thrilled' with her.

The picture on the left is my mother and great-aunt. The second is me (sitting on the left), dad, mother and great-aunt.

She has received cards from people that she does not know. A Sunday School class of a church in Champaign sent her homemade cards. Pat Quinn, Illinois Governor, sent her a 100 year certificate, several Illinois Senators sent 'certificates' also, one Congressman sent a card with the House of Representatives seal on it, and an aide of a Congresswoman dropped by with a framed Congressional Proclamation which will be read at the next session. Unfortunately, the President of the United States did not send his greetings even though I had submitted her birthday a long time ago. She used to get birthday greetings from the President, but she stopped getting them.

Happy 100th Birthday Aunt Lucy!


Alice said...

Wow Katie!!! What a milestone. Big congrats on your great aunt's 100th birthday. Its really fabulous!!!
Nice family reunion and the cake looks good. : ) Gives us all hope to get that old does'nt it? You had better get your aunt's recipe for longlivety.

Kathy said...

Now That is a special day for a special lady. Happy Birthday to you Great Aunt. I hope she has many more independent healthy years.

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