Monday, November 3, 2008

UPDATE: I Need to See Your ID, part four

I talked with Mari Anne today and she didn't say anything to Brent about sharing the tips with us cashiers. Really surprised that he did that then. Unless someone else said something, but who?

And today, Don (director and the man in charge) and Rita were talking about some stuff from Saturday and as I was approaching where they were, he looked at me and said something like "there's the Money Maker Katie". He then said that either I alone or Bar North brought in the most money each game. WHAT? Really? He wanted to know why Bar South didn't bring it in. I told him that we were the fun bar. lol. I know that my register alone brings in a minimum of $1,300 and as much as $1,800 each game. I've got some great regulars that come to me and after the next (last) game, I'm gonna miss them.

Gametime for the game on the 15th was announced today and it is 11 am. Which means an early morning for me - up at 5 am. UGGH!

UPDATE: 11/4/08 -- I talked with another gal who's in charge of the computer system about how I can find out if my register is ever over or under. She told me who to contact. We then started talking about how much money I have brought in. She said that I WAS the one that brought in the most and one reason is how fast I am in ringing up the sales. Plus I have these "regulars". How Cool!

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