Monday, November 10, 2008

The Autumn Ritual

I've taken a few days off from work this week to relax and enjoy. On Sunday, I had planned to get out and clean up the yard, but it was so blasted cold. It was a bone chilling cold. Today was nice, but still a little on the cool side. After lunch this afternoon, I got out and started that autumn ritual of raking and bagging the leaves. Dad had come over with a blower and a blower/vac. He took one and I took the other and started blowing the leaves into piles. At least got the front yard and the sides all cleaned up. The backyard is not that bad except under the maple tree, but that can wait for now. Mother did come by also with Arley who stayed home from school sick. Poor little guy has had the flu since this past Thursday when he came home early from school. He stayed in the house and played his video games.

I do need to get a blower/vac of my own; otherwise, I have to go over to Mother and Dad's and get one of their's or just use the back-breaking and hand-wrenching rake.

It's doubtful if I will get the backyard done in the next couple of days when I am off work since it's supposed to rain the next couple of days. Tonight we might get some freezing rain. Oh joy!

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Kathy said...

When you get your yard done would you like to come over and do mine? LOL Only difference is that I LIKE to rake leaves. I know, I a little crazy. :)

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