Monday, November 17, 2008

I Need to See Your ID, part five & final

Saturday, November 15 was the last home football game and the last one I would work. I awoke Saturday morning not feeling the greatest, but also not that bad. My sinuses were a little more than usual. I still worked. The game was at 11 am which meant that I had to clock in by 7 am and be at the stadium by 7:30 am. There was a shuttle to take us to the stadium due to the cold and possibly snowy weather, but I still drove and parked in my lot. Wishing that I hadn't, will explain later.

When I got there, Charlie was already there setting up the bar. Along comes Alaina (YEAH) and Brent. Had a new cashier also, Carrie. I liked her. She was the new event planner for Catering. I was so happy that Alaina was back and that we would be working together one last time. But that didn't work out like planned. Keith ended up reassigning her to the other bar since they only had the one. Charlie was normally the other bartender for Bar 1, but after working the last home game with us, he said that he wanted to be reassigned to us. He didn't like working with the other bartender, heck, nobody did. They had complaints against her. Poor Alaina having to work with her. We had a skeleton crew working the last game. We only had the two bartenders and needed at least one more. Greg couldn't spare any of his student bartenders because he had a skeleton crew also. Oh well...we managed.

It was slow at first, but it finally picked up right before the game. We were running a special drink - Bailey's & Cappucino. It cost $9! WHAT? $9? A shot was $5 and the cappucino was $4 so that made the drink $9. Had a few people shocked when they found the out the price after they ordered it. But it turned out to go over well.

We had a live DJ again and part of the marching band played again. The DJ played great music until right before the game started.

I had my regulars who came by and some new people. There are these two ladies that are a little uppity that always came by and are never happy about things. The one said that she had specially requested Malibu Rum that we were to have, but we didn't. She then asked if we had Parrot Bay, which was also a no. She was not happy that she had to settle for Bacardi or Captain Morgan.

One guy that I ID'd turned out to be a former football player. As I was looking at his ID, I saw his Rose Bowl ring which was GORGEOUS! I commented on it and he appreciated it. Probably why he was wearing it so it would be noticed.

Since we only had the two bartenders, Chris and Keith dropped by a lot to help out and I even poured more drafts and bottle beer than before. I still didn't do mix drinks. I've looked into getting certified online. I found a site that costs $25 to complete the online course. I'll think about it.

My one regular came back and was joined by his wife. She was lovely and very nice. When he sidled up to me, she quizzically looked at us and said that it looks like he made a new friend. I patted him on the shoulder and said "yep", he then put his arm across my shoulders and gave me a little squeeze saying yes he did have a new friend. Still do not know his name and never will. Oh well. He came back a couple times and the last time, he gave me a tip from his change. He put gave me a $1 bill saying to put it in my pocket and ended up giving me the 50 cents also. Only tip that I got. Earlier another regular gave me a $5 tip but like an idiot, I put it in the tip cup and Brent and Charlie kept it. Those jerks didn't even share their tips with Carrie and me. They pissed me off, I couldn't even say bye to them after I cashed out.

When the end of the third quarter came near, we got busy and I rang up several sales before it ended, but the guys downstairs undid the kegs immediately and we couldn't even fill those orders properly. There were people not happy and nothing I could do about it, except apologize.

After I cleaned out the drawer and put the money in the bag, Brent comes along to count out their tips and had me change for larger bills. I think both of them took home about $45 in tips, but refused to share with Carrie and me. What jerks! After I cashed out in the "vault" room, I headed back to the bar and got my jacket and bag, and was about to say something to them, but changed my mind and headed out. I stopped by Bar 1 to see Alaina and say goodbye to her. She said it wasn't too bad working with the that other bartender. She asked if I was heading to Bunny's, but I didn't know. I was so blasted tired that I knew that if I went home first, I would pass out on the sofa, which I did.

The Director of Dining & Catering arranged a gathering for regular workers to celebrate the last game at a little place called Bunny's. I had three offers to do things after the game and I did none of them. I just went home and crashed.

On the way back to the other building to clock out, I had trouble getting there. I went my normal route and when I tried to turn left onto Oak St., the cop directing traffic motioned for me that I couldn't turn. I rolled down the window and explained to him that I was heading right there to clock out. He said that they weren't letting anyone turn left that it was one-way the other way and that I would have to go around. Great! Okay, so I headed to Neil St, and had to go all the way to St. Mary's Rd and when I tried to turn (left) north onto Oak St (which was one-way north), the cop at that intersection said NO. WHAT? How in the heck am I to get there. I changed lanes and headed further south to get out of there and headed home. I emailed Payroll and told them what happened and what time I would have clocked out if I had been able to get there.

Sunday, I awoke with an ear infection. Went to Convenient Care for the official diagnosis and an antibiotic.

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Alice said...

untsariaHope you are feeling better Katie. I am sick today with glands up, snot nose, earache and the works. Feel lousy. That's life for you lol. Nothing to spice it up with? ...get a virus. : )

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