Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Need to See Your ID, part four

After taking the boys trick-or-treating last night and walking all over for 1-1/2 hours, and working at the stadium for the football game today, I am beat.

Yep, today was a home football game and I worked it again. I was still a cashier at the north bar on the Colonnades Club floor. The game was scheduled for 2:30 pm and this time, instead of the 4 hours, we had to be at the stadium 3-1/2 hours prior to the game (which is 11 am) and clocked in at the other building around 10:30. Someone was trying to confuse me. lol. Oh well, just cost me 30 minutes of work time. There's not much for me to do to get ready. I did help set up the bar and clean it up.

Was a little surprised when a different bartender was assigned to the bar. It turns out that Brent was the only usual bartender at this bar today. Three other bartenders were also assigned - Amanda, John and Charles. Brent and Charles worked the other end of the bar with the other cashier and I had Amanda and John. If it wasn't for Brent, Charles and myself, the bar would not have been set up properly. Okay, Amanda did get the bottles ready, but that was all. What irritated me was that Amanda and John spent a lot of time with their cell phones either texting or talking on it. Come on, you are there to work not text or talk on your phone. I had mine in my pocket, but didn't take it out while working.

It was a slow day. The tips were not that great early on, but we did get a few nice $5 tips. With 4 bartenders assigned, you would think there would be plenty of bartenders to get drinks, but nope, it wasn't. Not that we were that swamped, but some disappeared or wasn't available. Or they were helping someone. I started out getting soda or bottled water, but then I also ended up getting some drafts or pour some bottles. Even though I could get some mixed drinks I left that up to the bartenders. I do have to admit, that I did a better job pulling drafts that Amanda and John, they would have waaaay too much of a head. I received some compliments on my pulls and also pouring of the bottles. I know how to pour a beer.

Close to the end of the 3rd quarter (no alcohol sales after the end of the 3rd) Brent took all the tips and counted them out and divied up in fours. The tips weren't the greatest and each got around $26. As Brent was passing them out, I overheard some of what he was saying and was a little shocked at what I heard. He told them that they should share some with me, but the amount was up to them. Each gave me $5 of their tips. That was very nice of them. Earlier in the morning, Brent and I were just talking and he mentioned that he had run into Mari Anne and talked with her. We had been talking about a lot of people at work and the comment didn't raise any eyebrows. On the way home, I got thinking that maybe Mari Anne had mentioned the tip situation to him. She also bartends at a few places in the area and had said that bartenders are to take care of their barbacks, cashiers and others by sharing their tips.

As the end of the 3rd quarter neared, we were inundated with people. Even though there is to be no alcohol sales after the 3rd quarter ends, we had to take care of the people that were standing there waiting. Some of the admins weren't happy that we were still serving, but we had to take care of these people.

I did manage to take a few pictures before most employees got there. This one is of the bar I work and I stand at the end on the right.

Before the game started, part of the marching band played and then some of the cheerleaders did a few routines.

There's one more home game in two weeks and I plan to work it also.

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