Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I am now feeling great and went to work today (Friday). It was a slow day after I caught up on the work that I missed the last two days.

The weather was gorgeous and nicely warm (in the 70s). My dad had told me a week or so ago that Amanda (step-niece) and her family(hubby and 3 kids - Justus (6), Lexi (4) and Makenna (3)) were coming over to go trick-or-treating with my nephews, Avrey and Arley, and me. Then Thursday night while chatting with Amanda she said they were stopping by but weren't going out. I talked with Mother and Dad and they were told they were going. It was a mixed up affair. A little later, Amanda sent me a message saying they would be by at 6 o'clock and would trick-or-treat with us until 6:30. Okay.

Dad called me in the afternoon and said that the boys were going out with a neighbor kid (Matthew). WHAT? Actually, I love this. Dad called Amanda and they were still coming by. Matthew couldn't go out until 6:30 so we were still going out with Amanda and family and then when Matthew got back home, out with him.

The boys had a great time with both groups. Yes, the boys did hit a few houses twice.

Avrey dressed as Pikachu from Pokemon and Arley was a black dog. Grams had started these costumes last year, but their mom did get costumes made at the last moment, as usual. I forgot to take my camera over there to get pictures. I am so ashamed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, I wanted to see how you were feeling so I was glad to see this blog saying you are feeling great.
Have a great weekend,

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