Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Being Sick Sucks

It really sucks being sick. I've had my usual sinus problems in the last week or so. This past Friday night my nose was constantly running and I was blowing all the time. In the mornings I don't feel the best but usually feel pretty good by late morning. Sunday, I awoke feeling great. I helped Mother put up her Halloween decorations outside even though it was a bit chilly. I guess I shouldn't have.

Monday I decided to stay home since I wasn't feeling too good and wanted to get the rest I needed. Today I needed to go to work because Linda was off today because he husband was having a couple medical procedures done; Jamie is off all week helping his parents move; and Wendy had to leave early because her dad had surgery; which left no one in the office except the two assistant directors who are always in meetings all day.

Wendy asked one of the student workers if she was able to come back in the afternoon after classes. She was able to get there about 2:30 and could work until 5 pm. Thank God! I planned to leave about 4 pm to go to the walk-in clinic because I knew that I had a sinus infection now. Early in the afternoon I started running a fever. I left at 3 pm and headed directly to the doctor.

I was running just a slight fever, but the doctor said that it was a viral infection and not a bacterial infection. She said that she would prescribe an antibiotic and to take it if I'm not feeling better in a couple of days.

I have to be feeling better by Friday since I have to take my nephews out trick-or-treating. And I am wanting to work the football game on Saturday so I have to be fine by then.

I am definitely staying home on Wednesday and will see how I'm feeling tomorrow night before deciding on Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Oh you poor dear. I'm sorry you're under the weather. Keep me posted on how you're doing. See you at our group!

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