Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Need to See Your ID, part two

Even though I said that I couldn't work the next home game, I did. I had taken a couple days off from work which meant that I was able to clean the house and get it ready for Avrey's (nephew) 10th birthday party on Sunday (today).

I worked the previous home game which was 3 weeks ago (2 away games and 1 buy week). Don (Director of Dining) approached me on Monday asked me if I was going to work on Saturday. I told him that no one has asked which he responded, "I just did". I told him that I would think about it and would email him. I emailed him Wednesday night and told him that I would, but that I wanted to be assigned to the same bar as the last time. He said that I would.

When I got there to clock-in, I had to wait in line. There were some people up there that didn't know what to do to clock-in. Finally someone helped them. Then the gal ahead of me didn't know how to clock-in either. I helped her. While in line, Melinda approached me asking if I would walk with this new guy to the stadium and get him to Greg so he can be assigned what to do. There was some confusion on where he was to be, when we checked in at the stadium with Don, he didn't know that he was to see Greg on the 3rd floor Colonnade Club. I explained to him that Melinda had asked me to get him to Greg. Then Greg didn't know that he was coming either. Great! Greg got him assigned.

I got to the bar and there was only Brent there (same bartender as before). Amy wasn't there and neither was Terry. Chris came up and said that one of the bartenders was in an accident and wouldn't be there. There was still not another cashier assigned. But the good news was that the bar was finished and the registers were hooked up to the network and electricity. YEAH! She also mentioned that she'll probably be working as a bartender or cashier as well. She told me that she was setting up a test register that wasn't hooked up to the network so I can be trained. She got it set up and called me for training. It wasn't hard to figure out. There are some mixed drink options that were not listed that should have been - like the most popular, Bloody Mary and also Screwdrivers. I mentioned to her that Bloody Mary needs to be added and will also email her with some other options that I think should be added. During training, she mentioned that she added me as "manager" so that if needed, I could do refunds without calling her. WOW, didn't expect anything like that. Greg was standing there also and we joked about it being more responsibility and I asked if that meant more money. lol.

When I got back from training, there was another bartender assigned. And who should it be, but the gal in front of me in line to clock-in that I helped -- Alaina. She is sweet and hysterical. We had some fun.

When talking with Brent, he mentioned that Amy had sprained her ankle and couldn't work. And that Terry couldn't work for a month since he just retired (didn't think he was old enough to retire).

Another bartender was assigned, Jason, he was the draft guy. He would get the drafts, but he also got other drinks when necessary. And then we also had another cashier assigned, Ana.

Before we got busy, Amy, Jason and I were trying to figure out all the drink options on the "gun". We knew that C was for cola, D was for diet, O was Orange Juice, W was water - wasn't sure what the blue liquid was (can't remember the letter code) and it was Powerade, the L turned out to be Sprite, S turned out to be Club Soda. Q stumped us. During the tasting, Amy couldn't figure them out so I took a turn tasting. I chose S first and confirmed that it was Club Soda, then tried Q and about vomitted. It tasted HORRID - bitter, my first thought was Tonic, but already had a bottle of that. Tried L last and it was definitely Sprite. It still couldn't get that taste out of my mouth. Brent came back to the bar and we asked him. He said it was Quinine Water, course, he couldn't quite pronounce it correctly, not an easy word to pronounce. One of my grandmothers used to drink it for her health. I don't know how anyone could drink that stuff.

There was one guy that came to the bar several times that I recognized. When I carded him, I should have looked at the name, but didn't. Him and the two that he was with (probalby father or father-in-law and wife) stayed at the bar for the entire third quarter. Him, Alaina and I joked around and he left a very nice tip. During the joking he mentioned that he used to work in the "service" industry. I asked where he had worked, he said during high school he worked at Cracker Barrel and worked at O'Charley's. As soon as he said O'Charley's I knew that was where I recognized him from and told him that. We talked a little about O'Charley's and JC that still works there. I told him that I was a regular for lunch on Saturdays. The guy was a little on the drunk side and Alaina mentioned that to him.

When the third quarter ended, that was it for the alcohol sales. Had a few people come up for soda, water or coffee. Even a few asked when we stopped selling alcohol. I closed out my register and headed to the little room to count out the money. Not a bad day of sales. Afterwards, got my stuff and headed out to the other place to clock-out. I got home about 2:20. I changed clothes and got something cold to drink (was quite warm out) and lounged on the couch and dozed off and on for an hour or so.

I'm planning on working next week also. That won't be an early day since it's a night game, but that means a long night (but I already stay up late anyway, so it won't matter, too much). I probably won't wait until Don asks, I'll just email him and tell him that I can work. (That is unless I get sick, there's sickness going around in the family.)

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