Monday, October 20, 2008

I Need to See Your ID, part three

Howdy All!

I worked at the stadium again this past Saturday for the football game. It was a night game (7 pm) which meant that I had to be clocked in by 2:30 and at the stadium by 3 pm. I expected heavy traffic so I did leave a little earlier than normal, but traffic was fine.

I did take a few photos (with my cell), but they are not that great. This is the bar that I cashier at. I stand at the far end of it.

The bartenders were Brent, Amy and Alaina. I worked with Amy the first week I worked but the 2nd, she had an injury and couldn't work so they brought in Alaina and Jason. Jason was assigned to the other bar this week. I'm glad that Alaina worked at this bar, I had a blast with her last week. Just wish that she worked my end of the bar.

Ana wasn't able to work as the other cashier so they reassigned a student worker (Leslie) to be cashier. Chris asked me to train her with the register. During the training she asked me what she was supposed to do since she was approved to leave at 6:30. HUH? The game doesn't start until 7 pm. Her family was coming and they were all going to the game. Great for them, but what are we supposed to do. I saw Chris and flagged her down and mentioned this to her. She wasn't flabbergasted on why Keith assigned her there. She talked with him and next thing I knew, Maria was there and I was training her on the register. Cool, at least she was there for the entire time. After I got her trained, next thing I knew Leslie was back as the cashier. What in the heck is going on? Then all of a sudden, another full-time employee was there, Ann, and I had to train her. I went through everything with her and next thing I knew, Chris was training her also. Oh well! Around 4:30, Jeri came along and grabbed us to go get our money. We were the last of the cashiers to get our money. Got the register all set up and ready for the customers.

People started coming in at 5 pm, but naturally, they weren't drinking quite yet. We had a few people.

About 5:30, loud music started and found out that we had a DJ. He played jazz, swing, stuff from the 50s, 60s and 70s from all genres of music. It was awesome. And it sure brought out the customers. And naturally, Alaina being Alaina she was dancing around behind the bar. I joined in a little, we looked like Mutt & Jeff twirling each other. lol. And when it comes to a song that I love, I have to sing. I warned Alaina that her eardrums could burst from my singing. She just laughed. Her dancing sure brought the customers around. There were other people dancing also. Next thing I knew, part of the marching band were there and setting up in the center area of the floor. The DJ announced them and they played their repertoire of the music they play during the games. They were awesome and me being the way I am, I let them know how I appreciate their music and playing. The upper floors didn't get any of the entertainment.

I did get to serve some drinks, Carol brought a guy to the bar and they were standing there talking and she asked for some complimentary drinks and there wasn't any of the bartenders available to serve them. Okay, they were not alcoholic drinks since they were for his kids, just a Coca-Cola and a couple cranberry juices. He did buy a draft for himself and had one of the bartenders get it for him.

We got slammed right before the game started. One guy got a little impatient and upset by the amount of time it was taking to get the drafts for him. I asked one of the bartenders 3 times for the two drafts and he/she finally got it for him. We had some great customers and repeat ones from previous games. One guy came sidling up next to me asking for a wristband and when I asked for his ID, he said "come on, don't ya remember me from last week?" Yes, I remembered him, but I told him that I have to follow proticol.

The end of the 3rd quarter came and that was the end of alcohol sales so the bar was shut down. I cashed out. Ann and I were the first cashiers to get to the armed cash room to count out (last ones to get cash and first ones to turn in cash). I headed back to the bar to get my stuff and head back to clock out. I asked Alaina if she needed a ride and she decided she wanted to walk and Amy said the same. The three of us left at the same time and they beat me back to clock out. The 4th quarter went fast and a lot of the people left at the same time. Traffic was a pain. I got home at 10:30.

I'm planning to work the next game which is on November 1. Just found out late this afternoon that they have announced game time which is 2:30.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to work with Alaina, Amy and Brent again, but Terry may be back. He retired in September and he says that he'll be back after 30 days, but others say that you can't work for 60 days. We'll see. I liked working with Terry, but I really like working with Alaina.

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