Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quality Time

Spent some quality time with my two nephews the last couple of weeks. My parents went away on their annual fall vacation which meant that I would have the boys the nights my brother has to work. Those nights I would pick them up from their older sister after work, take them home with me. They would spend the night with me and I would take them to school on my way to work (I would get to work about 15 to 20 minutes early). Since I don't have my guest room set up yet, it's currently being used as a junk room, they would sleep in my bed while I slept on an air mattress in the living room, it's either that or the couch. When I tell people this, they ask how come they don't sleep on the couch and air mattress; reason is because I don't want to go to bed that early.

It's not bad at all except the boys have to sleep in the same bed and they have a habit of fighting. Arley learned in school how to whistle and he wants to whistle all the time even in bed. When he does then Avrey would hit him, next thing I know I hear Arley yelling for me and when I go in the bedroom, he's crying saying that Avrey hit him. I had hoped that the whomp I heard was not someone being hit, but it was. I told Arley that he should not have been whistling and told Avrey that he should not hit. Several nights things like that happened.

We went out for dinner one night to a local pizza joint, it was good, but a bit expensive for the three of us. We ordered individual pizzas, but they've changed their crust and it is now thicker. Should have ordered one pizza but the three of us would not have agreed on the toppings. Also had to have breadsticks and I wanted a salad which was huge. I asked for a small side salad, but it was at least twice as big as their previous side salad. On Saturday, we went to the newly opened Mexican restaurant for lunch. I love their food. There is a group of brothers that have 4 restaurants in the area. The one on this side of town built a new place (closer to my home) and it recently opened. They still have the old place but turned it into a pancake place. The new place is A LOT bigger. I frequent the one near work for lunch quite often - reminds me, haven't been there in a few weeks, think it's time to make plans to go.

My parents are now home, but they are leaving again in the morning for a few days because a cousin of my dad's passed away yesterday and the funeral is on Tuesday. I probably won't have the boys any nights since they should be home before my brother has to work nights this week.

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