Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Need to See Your ID

Yesterday I worked, but not my regular job. Wednesday the Director of Dining Services called the office asking if anyone was interested in working the football game on Saturday. I thought about it and on Thursday told him I would work.

The University has been renovating the football stadium for the last few years and have added premium seating and skyboxes. The skyboxes cost big bucks. Housing's Dining Service handles all the catering and alcohol sales for the skyboxes and the colonnade floor which is an open floor with two bars and several "grills" that sell food.

I had to clock in at 6:30 am at one place and then be at the stadium at 7 am. Man, that is too early for me on Saturday, but I did it. I reported to the stadium at 7 am and was assigned as cashier for Bar 2 on the Colonnade. There were 3 bartenders for the one bar and at the time I was the only cashier assigned there (according to the assignment list). I already knew one of the bartenders from work. Another bartender, I knew of him and also know a couple of his family members through work (one lives down the street from me) and the other found out about the job through a friend (probably one that works for Housing). Most of the people working the games already work for Housing and several friends at work are working the games as either a bartender or a suite captain. Another cashier was assigned to the bar from a different area.

The bartenders set up the bar; all the bottles, cups, etc. And all I had to do was stand and wait. I ended up going and sitting in one of the club chairs to get out of their way. I had to be there at 7 am, but with nothing to do for a while. I was given two empty cash boxes and then finally the bags of cash arrived (which was after the 2nd cashier was assigned). The registers were not working since they haven't actually finished all the construction and the bar is not quite finished. There is no electricity to the registers yet.

My job as cashier was to ID everyone that wanted to purchase alcohol and give them a wristband. As long as they had on the wristband they were able to purchase alcohol without showing their ID. And then take the cash and make any necessary change. I couldn't fix anything for them, not even hand them a bottle of water. I felt foolish just standing there with people giving me their drink orders.

I couldn't believe that people would buy a $3 soda with a $100 bill. Luckily, by that time I had plenty of larger bills without having to give them change with all $1 and $5.

I had fun with the bartenders (really didn't get to know the other cashier since she was at the other end of the bar and she was kinda quiet, at least around me) and we joked around during the down times.

No alcohol sales were allowed after the end of the 3rd quarter. At that time, the bar was shut down they started putting things away. I was then taken to a small room that was so blasted hot to close out cash boxes. I had to do both cash boxes since the temporarily assigned cashier was then immediately reassigned to her regular post. I told the boss that I would do her box also. Closing out the boxes meant counting all the money and bundling the bills ($50 of ones, $100 of fives, $500 of twenties, etc.) and if you didn't have enough for one complete bundle, you would turn the band inside out and write the dollar amount on the band. Then you had to fill out two forms and sign the cash box sheet. Then turn in the cash box to the supervisor and was then able to go home.

I was so blasted tired when I got home. And I was so hungry. I did get a break and able to get a bite to eat. The bar boss said we didn't have to pay for the food, but when I went to the grill they wanted to charge me, but I told them that I was told that I didn't have to pay. They finally relented and I talked with someone about it and she went to let them know that employees don't pay. She told me that since I didn't work last week that they didn't recognize me. HELLOOO???? I am wearing a Dining shirt like them. I had a little snack and then crashed on the couch for a while. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't keep my eyes open (after all, I had been up since 5 am) and ended up dozing for a few minutes, never really slept for more than a 5 or 10 minutes at a time.

I really don't know what my hourly rate was for working. I never asked and no one ever said. Would love to have gotten a share of the tips, but they just go to the bartenders. Oh well... I know the rate is at least $15 an hour which is what the bartenders make. The suite captains get $25 an hour.

When I went back to clock out and change to my regular shirt, I went into the office where the bartenders and suite captains return their shirts and asked them where I turn in the polo. The guy said that I keep that for the next game. I told him that I was one that was brought in for the one game. He asked if I was interested in working again. I told him that I was interested. I do know that I can't work the next home game. He told me to keep the shirt for now and to launder it in case I work again. I guess if I don't work then I will turn in the polo at the end of the season, hopefully I remember to turn it in; otherwise, they'll charge me for it.

I think I could be persuaded to work another game or two. I really could use the money.

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