Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's Party Time


I hosted by youngest nephew's 7th birthday party on Sunday, September 21. When I talked with my brother a few weeks ago, he wanted to have it here and asked if my ex-sister-in-law would be welcome. I told him as long as she behaved and didn't yell or scream at the boys.

After I talked with my brother, I went online and checked at a couple of party supply websites for themes and printed out some options for him that I knew he would like. I thought for certain that he would go with Pokemon. But he surprised me and chose the Dart Frogs. My older nephew also chose for his party (10th coming up in three weeks), but his is going to be Ben 10. I ordered for both parties. I had ordered two sets of the plastic dart frogs to use as decoration on the cake. One set went on the cake which he got to keep all 5 and the other 8 (got a total of 13) was divided between the other 4 kids. When we ordered the cake, just got the white icing with green piping and lettering.

Saturday, went to a party supply store for balloons, but didn't like any of the mylar ones they had. Ended up getting some at a grocery store. Had problems with one of them right away, it was going flat. I went back to the store and the same manager waited on me. She replaced the one with the last remaining of the same one. She was retying all of them together and I noticed that it was also going flat and said to her that it must be a bad batch. She popped it and then asked if there was another one I would like. I grabbed another regular one and handed it to her. She saw the big frog shaped one that went with the one that kept going down and grabbed it. I told her that one cost more and she said that's okay for all my trouble and having to come back in. It is HUGE.

Got everything ready for the party at 2 o'clock. My parents showed up on time, but no one else did. I called my brother and wondered when they would get here, and he said he was just pulling into the driveway. My step-niece and her family got here a few minutes later.

The party started out good. And after the presents were opened, that witch started up with her usual. She started complaining about one of the presents saying that they were planning on getting it for him for Christmas and that my brother had told my parents that they were and they went ahead and got it for him. Nope, my brother did not say they were getting it. He told them that they were thinking of getting it. That witch is not happy unless everyone else is unhappy. They didn't stay long after cake and ice cream. When she started in on it, I said (under my breath) "the party is over".

God help me in a few weeks with the other party.

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