Monday, August 18, 2008

Relaxing Birthday Weekend

Howdy All!

Spent a relaxing birthday weekend. Sunday spent a lot of time at my parents' with the family. We had a quiet celebration with presents and chocolate cake. My nephews each drew a picture using the 'Block I' and even in the right colors (orange and blue). Avrey even made it a sports event with Illini winning 15 to 9 over "K" (not sure who "K" is). I loved the pictures. The day was gorgeous, weatherwise, and spent a lot of time sitting outside. The sky was so clear and blue with hardly a cloud in sight, had a gentle breeze and it only got around 80. Where were days like this when I was a kid celebrating my birthday? I remember hot and humid days and couldn't do anything outside. We had celebrated a few times by playing Putt-Putt and wish they had been cooler days. Would have loved playing Putt-Putt this year.

Saturday was the first day that I was able to wear a complete pair of shoes. I have to wear tennis shoes for the next week. Unfortunately, the right foot is not used to be enclosed in shoes and the two littlest toes really hurt from being cramped in the shoes. But I am so thankful to be out of the black shoe. My foot really hurt from wearing it. The thing is made to be worn by someone with a foot all wrapped in bandages and my foot just wallered around in the thing. Wasn't able to walk normally in it and the footbed was so flat without much support. I am so thankful to be wearing regular shoes.

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