Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Doctor, Doctor

Went back to the doctor today. I got there early for my appointment and as soon as I sat down and started reading, the nurse called my name. I didn't even finish the first sentence. I made the comment to the nurse about it being so fast. She commented that the doctor is running ahead. Great, then I can get in and out. Nope, that didn't happen. I sat in the exam room and waited and waited. An x-ray technician came in and took me to another room and took three x-rays. Then back to the exam room.

I sat in there and waited some more. I did get some reading done. lol. The doctor finally came in and as she entered the room, she said the x-rays look good. She asked how the toe was feeling. Asked if there was any swelling, pain. I told her that it was a little stiff and that I was really wanting to 'pop' it but held off. She didn't comment on that. She held onto the toe with one hand and with the other gently bent the toe. And then started squeezing the toe in areas, especially the area where the fracture is located. She asked if that hurt and I told her not so much, but a little and that when she bent the toe, it hurt some, but that it was a pressure pain. She said that it would feel stiff a lot due to the location of the fracture and that when I get 'old' that I will probably have arthritis in the joint.

She then told me to wear the 'shoe' (surgical boot) for the remainder of the week and then on Saturday to wear tennis shoes for the next week. After that, I can wear shoes that feel comfortable. I was hoping to go directly to regular shoes, but at least I am out of that blasted walking cast.

I think I will wait several more weeks before I 'pop' the toe, want to make sure it is completely healed before attempting that. Also will wait to get a pedicure, even though I am wanting one NOW.

That 'shoe' is soooo sexy. I can't believe more people don't wear them all the time. lol.

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