Thursday, August 7, 2008

5 More Days

5 more days until the doctor. And hope that I can be out of the walking cast and wear regular shoes. I am hating having to wear that blasted thing. And I can't wait to "pop" the toe, have been wanting to do that for the past month. It will feel so good to "pop" it. lol.

This spring when I cleaned out the flower beds of any remaining dead plants and leaves that accummulated over the winter and early spring, I thought the red hibiscus I planted last year was dead. I had forgotten to mulch it before the freeze and figured it was dead even though it is a hardy hibiscus. lived. One day in the late spring/early summer when I was weeding, I checked it out and sure enough there were some green sprouts coming up. YEAH!!!!!!

It has grown bigger than last year and is FULL of huge blooms. There are a lot of buds that are about to open.

When I decided that I wanted an hibiscus, I knew that I wanted a red one and not a pink or even a rosy pink, it had to be red. I finally found one and it went home with me and was planted right away. I had watered daily for a little while and then every couple of days. I babied that thing.

The purple coneflowers are still thriving and thick. They are so gorgeous also. I still plan to plant some white coneflower seeds and I also want to find some seeds that are the apricot/peachy color.

I wish that the hydrangea in the front flower bed would grow larger. It won't get any bigger than it was when I originally planted it a couple years ago. No matter what I do, it just remains small. This year, I only got one flower head. :(

Just wish I was able to get out there and finish the weeding. Hopefully, I will be able after I get out of this walking cast, even though the doctor did say that it could take 8 weeks for it to fully heal.

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Sandra said...

I hope you can get out of that cast soon!

Love your flowers, they're gorgeous!

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