Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Received wedding invitation today! I really want to go to this wedding.

"You need to explore more new areas today -- your mental energy is ready to soak up new facts and concepts, and you should be able to put it all together in a really fun way. Share with your people!"

I have soaked up new facts regarding the wedding invitation and the research I have done. Will talk more on that in a bit.

And I did share with my people. lol. Well...more of playing with the people. lol. Brett is very anal and OCD about his things. We have a lot of magnetic clips due to a little project Jamie is working on and Brett made an orange & blue "wave" on his overhead storage cabinet. I decided to mess with him and moved some around so that there were two orange and two blue clips together instead of his one orange, one blue, one orange, one blue, etc design. He didn't like that and got a little pissy, but he blamed someone else. Him and Jamie were heading upstairs and I was still standing there by his desk and I had a few clips in my hand playing with them (not ones from his design) and I started messing with him by banging one of them on the cabinet and he started freaking out and telling me not to mess with them. Katie #2 said that I should mess with the magnets on the end of the cabinet. I moved them around and actually made a smiley face with them. He didn't care for that either. I really don't think he knows it was me. lol. heee-heeee.

Okay, back to the wedding invitation. A friend is getting married on February 15. I knew that I would be getting an invitation in the mail but thought it was going to be in Texas where they live. I haven't received the invitation in the mail yet, but she sent me a text message this morning letting me know that the wedding on February 15 in St. Thomas USVI. And that there is a cruise from February 12 to 19 and wanted to know if I wanted to go. I WANT to go, but I don't think I will be able. I don't have a passport which will be required if I want to get off the ship in Nassau, Bahamas and St. Maarten. If I go on a cruise, I want to get off the ship at the port of calls to visit. I did do some research and found that I can get a Passport Card for entry/exit to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean islands. But then there is also the money factor. It's going to cost about $2,000 for the cruise and airfare. This will clean out the summer vacation money (when I get it from my tax returns in April) and that won't cover all. I could just fly to St. Thomas for a few days, but I would be alone in a strange place and then there's the St. Valentine's Day crap to deal with in such a romantic locale and being all alone. :(

I was so hoping that she was getting married in Texas so I could visit other friends in Texas. Oh well....

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