Thursday, December 11, 2008

Been Awhile

It's been a while since I've posted. I really haven't felt up to it or much at all. Almost the last month I have been sick most of the time and missed quite a bit of work.

On November 16 I awoke with an ear infection and am not completely over it yet. I'm still having problems with diminished hearing. Then last week a sinus infection hit me and when I visited Convenient Care, the nurse practitioner refused to prescribe an antibiotic because I only had it for a few days and she said it takes 10 to 14 days for a full-blown sinus infection to require an antibiotic. I have a history of getting sinus infections and get them quite easily. I was dumbfounded. Luckly, I had part of a prescription of an antibiotic at home from the ear infection in November. After 5 days of this one the doctor changed to a stronger one and I still had it on hand. Yes, I know I shouldn't have taken it without doctor approval, but I was in severe pain. My face hurt so bad and so did my teeth which made it hard to eat. And if you really want to be grossed out, the sinus infection affected my eyes and I kept cleaning out "gunk" from them.

I'm doing better now. I have an appointment on Monday, December 15 with an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist. I saw him back in May 2006. I am actually looking forward to this visit and wish I could get in sooner. Originally, the appointment was on Friday, December 19, but I called and luckily they had a cancellation on the 15th. I've called every couple days and there hadn't been an earlier time available. At least it's only 4 days away.

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Cindy F. said...

Hey Katie! I just noticed your following my blog Lonestar Stitcher and her ramblings....thank you:) So glad you come to visit! I'm so sorry to hear about your sinus problems!
Jeez! I've had some really bad episodes myself! But, I can not believe the dr. made you wait to get meds!! I think I'd have to find another dr.,,,that's just me.
Hey, I noticed your beautiful Outer Banks you live in N.C. (where I'm originally from)??
I hope your meds help you soon. I know we can build up a resistance to them and you have to try different ones. My actually got better when we moved to Texas. Not all of TX is like that, but the pine trees (which are fewer where we live now) were messing me up! Allergies probably?? Take care, get well:)

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