Thursday, July 24, 2008

Waiting and Waiting

All day today at work, I kept my cell phone next to me on my desk, in my pocket if I was leaving the office for a minute or was no more than a five feet from it and waiting for the Comcast technician to call me saying he was on his way to my place. And kept calling my home phone to check for messages in case he called that number instead of the one he was supposed to call. No call all day. I got home and sat around waiting for him to call. At 7:20 pm, I decided to call Comcast and it confirmed that my appointment was today, but didn't get to talk to anyone. I got the message saying that all representatives were on the phone and was put on hold. I did not feel like listening to that message over and over about the DTV changeover in February 2009.

The tech finally called me at 7:30 asking if I was still having trouble with my cable and what it was doing. I simply told him that all I got was snow. He got here in less than 10 minutes and left in 5 minutes. He checked the box, put it on some tech screen and it was working fine, and said that there was a dead signal coming into the box. No kidding! He went outside to check the lines and in a minute I heard sound coming from the tv that wasn't whitenoise. YEAH! He came back in and asked if I had anyone mad at me. I told him that if anyone was it was the kids next door. He said that the tag on the box outside was broken and the cable to my house had come undone. HUH? If it was those kids, they had to have help since they are not old enough to understand that unless they were out there playing around and decided to unscrew the thing. He said that it could also have been a careless technician that had done some work there before.

Whichever it was, the main thing is that I now have cable and can watch tv when I want.

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